We are a global company, serving more than 80 countries around the world, and specialising in innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency. It offers state-of-the-art technological products and applications that are leading the transformation in the electrical sector. We are convinced this is the only way to deliver the world a better future”

The Yellow Nest is a business and knowledge holding, resulting from the symbiosis of 6 pioneering companies in the energy sector, who want to set up knowledge, synergies and business skills and introduce a new way of doing things, through their actions, attitude and presence.

The holding reasserts itself as one of Spain’s most powerful groups focused on the energy transition, and it is looking to internationalise the most innovative technologies and solutions in the energy sector.

Innovation, technology, software and the new energy models are being devised, today, at The Yellow Nest.

Welcome to the future of energy!

The Yellow Nest business environment is made up of 6 energy companies who have a new way of understanding energy and the environment, and who act socially offering global solutions, with a strategic vision, looking towards the future.

Smart sensors and electrical measuring equipment for controlling and saving energy. Web Linkedin
Decarbonising the territory, making zero-Km renewable solutions more accessible to towns and citizens Web Linkedin
Digital platform for predicting and controlling photovoltaic solar energy generating equipment. Web Linkedin
Solutions in automation, industrial control, renewable energies and energy efficiency. Web Linkedin
Leaders in the production of power capacitators for storing electricity and for compensating reactive energy Web
Designing, manufacturing and marketing equipment aimed at controlling electrical energy and ensuring its efficiency. Web Linkedin

The Yellow Nest corporate HQ is in Terrassa (Barcelona), in the recently opened Vapor 4.0, a self-sufficient building where all the energy efficiency technologies for buildings come together. It is also a “Living Lab” for the energy control and saving solutions manufactured within this group of companies.

Energy 4.0

The Yellow Nest is considered a benchmark of what self-sufficient buildings should be like, harnessing its own energy with zero CO2 emissions. It has received the NZEB LEED GOLD certification, for using sustainable strategies in all its processes:
  • Eco-efficient construction materials and resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of water
  • Quality of the indoor environment
  • Energy efficiency innovation and design

Passive systems:

The building’s architectural solutions, ranging from the façades and windows to the solar panels and Canadian well, allow for containing maximum energy, reducing energy needs and reusing water.

Active systems:

The electrical and mechanical facilities optimise their uses and comfort through our Wibeee technology, also controlling the building’s smart automation to obtain maximum energy efficiency.

Zero Emissions Energy Use:

With our technology and SUNVEC photovoltaic systems, we generate electrical energy from the Sun. We also use energy from the subsoil through geothermal systems and a Canadian well

Energy control and monitoring:

The Wibeee Nest platform and AI make it possible to control the energy consumption and production of all the systems and elements in the building, to optimise their energy efficiency and ensure absolute control.

We are driving the energy transition and enhancing the digital transformation

The Yellow Nest | Carrer Baldrich 222-226 - 08223 Terrassa, Barcelona | hello@theyellownest.energy


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